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T-shirts and Teespring


By using the popularity of t-shirt Teespring came into action in 2011. Teespring is an online platform for the custom t-shirt industry. In 2011, Walker Williams and Evan Stites-Clayton found the base of this company. It is an e-commerce platform where you can buy and sell custom t-shirts or you can design your own t-shirt. Teespring offers t-shirts along with hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, tank tops, youth apparel and also kids and babies item.


At first, the founders didn’t take custom orders. In past, they only took pre-orders from interested buyers with their size and payment. They designed various t-shirts and parties who are interested to buy them order them. Then the company had taken the order into garments to manufacture them. After receiving huge requests for the custom t-shirt campaign from various organizations, the company decided to pursue the concept of custom apparel. By the time, they came with the design of hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, tank tops, babies and kid apparels and others. They also design pillows nowadays. After a vast popularity, Walker Williams and Evan Stites-Clayton was decided that they take investment from investors. The company officially launched in Providence at October 2012. The company’s headquarters is located in San Francisco, California.

Teespring is getting huge popularity day by day because of the opportunity of custom design. You can design apparels and sell them. For creating a design, you will have to log on to the site. You have to open an account on this site. There is sample t-shirt. You have to choose one then you can change the color as your choice. There is a fixed border line to design the t-shirt. There are some options for you for designing the apparel. You can use text with various font and size and also you can put a context or image in the body. Design with your creativity. After completing the design, then you decide the price of the t-shirt for sale. Teespring handles the manufacturing and shipping as the agent of yours and takes a cut of the sales.

Individuals create campaigns in order to sell custom products on Teespring. When you create a campaign, you have to design some product and then market the products. Buyers pre order your apparel, which you design. And when the campaign end Teespring ship them out and after that, they transfer you the money you made.

Teespring is no longer an unknown platform, it is a platform with limitless opportunities for the right entrepreneur. In 2014 more than 4 million buyers in the US bought the product they needed from this site. It is expanding radically. In October 2012, they announced that the company had reached over $500000 in monthly sales. And after that, in March 2013, the reported $750,000 monthly sales with a 50% month-over-month growth rate. Now they are expanding their business over the world. After Teesprings success, the Amazon had launched its own custom apparel market place, which is named as “Merch”.

If you think that you are a right entrepreneur and have a good creative skill in designing, then you should try Teespring. It is a huge market place. Try some new and different.

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How to Dress for the Corporate World


Looks plays a vital role in the corporate world. The way you look at times determines your success at your work place. People justify a new person with his look. In the corporate world, you have to meet with a lot of people daily. You have to know that what you wear for your work, meeting, and others. There’s has a time when people wear a suit in daily purpose for his work, business, meeting, class, and others. But nowadays, dress sense is changed and it has a great impact on people’s opinion about you. The way you look can change the thinking of a man about you. Today we discuss the dress code of corporate world.

What you wear or how you dress depends on your work and workplace. In the corporate world you may follow these tips:

  • What’s appropriate in your workplace:

If your company has a dress code then follow it. But if there is nothing like that then you have to understand what is appropriate. Look around your office then decide. You can wear a t-shirt depending on the situation. Usually, in office, you need to wear formal dress. You can wear semi formal, which is something like casuals, or fully casual dress depending on the environment and work. Such as you don’t need to wear a formal dress in a creative job, but in bank or trading you may need them.

Corporate dressing

  • Wear fit clothes:

Make sure that what you wear is fit with your body, not so tight or so loose. If your dress is so big or so small then it will look odd.

  • Wear suitable dress:

Don’t wear anything that not matching you. Wear suitable, flexible dress. It is common that, by wearing a dress one looks so beautiful, but another one wears same dress but looks so odd. So, wear something that is suitable for you.

  • Iron your dress:

Before wearing a dress, iron it. Successful men look presentable, this is the basic. If you wear an orderless shirt or coat, it looks very peculiar. Make sure you wear ironed dress every day.

  • Use smart looking bag:

You may use a briefcase or purse in office and outside for your personal things and official paper. If your things are jutting out from your bag, how it looks! It will decrease the good impression of others about you. Use a smart looking bag and keep it clean on the inside all time. Don’t use a bag that can’t absorb your things.

  • Use well kept, polished shoes:

You can know a lot about a people by looking at his legs, what he wears. A well kept and polished shoe makes a great impression about you in people’s mind. People noticed it first!

  • Don’t use strong perfume:

Everyone is using a perfume. But don’t use a perfume that smells so much. Use a lighter one.

  • Dry your hair:

Before going to your office dry your hair and keep them in a good style. If you leave your house with wet hair, it looks like you don’t have your life together. It proves that you are not a professional one and you don’t have a plan for your career.

In the corporate world, if you want success, then you need to prove it with your looks. Make a look in which you look like a successful and career oriented guy.

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